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T305 Home Theater System

As one of the world's thinnest high performance home theater systems, the T305 5.1 home theater system combines several landmark innovative driver technologies incorporated into cabinets only 35mm thin.

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The best of home theater

With a flat screen TV, you want speakers to match. Really flat. More importantly, you also want to fill the room with high definition 3D sound that’s every bit as involving as what’s on screen.
T Series Home Theater Speakers
KEF T Series Ultra Thin Home theater speaker pairSlim speakers, serious sound

KEF's revolutionary T Series is in a different league from any low profile speaker you've ever heard. As one of the world's thinnest high performance home theatre systems, the T Series combines several landmark innovations: a radical ultra-low profile bass and midrange driver, and a large, fully vented tweeter. By incorporating both in cabinets only 35mm (just over 1.25in.) deep, the T Series brings you all the pleasures of true audiophile quality sound in a speaker that perfectly complements the aesthetics of the latest flat screen TVs.

Ultra-slim bass driver

Clean, forceful response that brings the action vividly to life.

Instead of a cone, the radical new twin-layer bass and midrange unit has a flat diaphragm whose rigidity throughout the frequency range is maintained by very fine stiffening ribs, with the driver as a whole acting as a stressed member to help eliminate any unwanted resonance from the slim cabinet. The resulting response is as clean, accurate and distortion-free as a quality conventional speaker, with none of the bulk.

In addition to minimising the height of the magnets, we placed the entire suspension outside the magnet system so that it adds nothing to its height. Whether you opt for the standard satellite and centre speakers or the larger models with additional bass/midrange drivers, the result is an exceptionally shallow unit that allows the enclosure to have the same installed depth as current flat screen TVs without compromising acoustic integrity in the slightest. Lush yet well controlled, it's the kind of performance that brings soundtrack effects to life with a real sense of drama.
KEF T Series Ultra Thin Bass Driver Woofer Technology
KEF T SERIES Ultra Thin Home Theater TweeterLarge vented tweeter

A warm, natural sound that's so real you feel you're there.

The generous size of the sophisticated new 25mm (1in.) vented tweeter specially developed for the T Series allows exceptionally accurate reproduction, especially of the human voice. And silken, effortlessly pure high notes. The clarity is outstanding, even played loud.

KEF's unique 'Tangerine' waveguide helps to disperse the sound image evenly throughout the room. The combined effect is remarkable: you find yourself immersed in a dense three-dimensional sound picture that completely engages you with what's happening on screen.
KEF T SERIES Ultra Thin Home Theater Vented Tweeter rear technology

Total excellence

The perfect balance: engineering integrity with design flair.

Everything about the T Series has been designed from first principles to achieve a sleek, unobtrusive look that matches the styling of modern TVs while still maintaining the high standard of audio fidelity KEF is famous for.

The precision etched logo and chamfered black anodised aluminium side trims hint at the meticulous attention to detail and superb build quality of what's inside. Ease of use is built in from the start, with KEF's ingenious Selecta-mount™ system concealed in the optional stand automatically adjusting each speaker's sound balance according to whether it's mounted on your wall, desktop or floor.


Included in the package:
• 2 x T301 pair
• 1 x T301c center channel
• 1 x T2 subwoofer


Customer Reviews

Awesome design and sound quality Review by SamuraiAvenger
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
The T-305 earned design awards for a reason - the speakers are just so sleek. The set comes with 4 speakers for front and back, a center speaker and a subwoofer. The kit comes with brackets for wall mounting, which works super well for the front speakers and center speaker, if your flat screen TV is wall mounted, and alternatively, they also come with vertical mounts, in case you want to place them on top of your media center or on bookshelves. If you intend to put the speakers on the floor, you will need to order floorstands (sold in pairs). We ordered a pair of floorstands for the rear speakers, mounted the center and front speakers on the wall, around the TV, and placed the subwoofer on the floor, next to the media center. The sound quality is awesome but remember that you will need a decent receiver to connect the speakers to. We are using a 7.2 channels receiver with 4 K capability and Dobly Atmos. I highly recommend those speakers but note those are small speakers. Yet, unless you have a cavernous room, it is more powerful than most people will ever need. (Posted on 1/13/2018)
Great Speakers Review by New Media Center
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
I had read some reviews of these speakers and based on them decided to purchase them fro my newly set up home theater. I paired them with the Denon 6400 amp.

First, these speakers are just as thin as I imagined. They are ultra thin and I was skeptical they would sound as good as my big speaker systems from the 60s and 70s. Was I ever surprised. These speakers have ultra clear voice broadcast and sound absolutely great. I have not fully populated the 11.2 system with speakers yet, but that will be a future effort.

These speakers sound super great and clear. I have tried different venues, and they all sound great. In addition I was a little concerned with music quality but these speakers have great highs, midw and lows. Goodbye big bulky speakers.

The quality of sound is not the only quality of the product. The brackets that hold them to the wall were very sturdy and have a hole in the bracket to allow the wiring to come in from behind the speaker out of the wall and into the speaker wire clamps. I purchased some gold plated speaker terminals and they slid right into the speaker female receivers without a problem. If you run the wires behind the wLL these speakers have a nice clean visual effect.

Finally, the packaging of the speakers was very good and I cannot imagine them getting damaged in shipment. The installation instructions were clear and easy to follow. (Posted on 1/6/2018)
The last speakers you will ever need! Review by Ghost
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
I just purchased the T305 home theater system. I am running the T305 with my old KHT 3005(which still kick butt) through a Yamaha RX-A3070 A/V receiver for a 9.2 sound system. The T305 are just awesome. The sound and the look fits in with the flat screen t.v. I have listened to everything from simple stereo to Dolby Atmos. The sound fills the whole room, the subwoofer delivers the bass that can shake the windows. You know they passed the test when my wife, who could care less about how things sound, says she is impressed with the way they look and sound. There is no reason to have standing speakers for big sound anymore. These are simple speakers that make it sound like you are in the middle of whatever you are playing. (Posted on 1/1/2018)
extremely happy with purchase Review by osb
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
I was able to incorporate a new home theater setup into the wife's remodel plans for the room above the garage, and the T305 fit perfectly. Paired with a Sony XBR65X930D display, and a Marantz SR6011 I was able to achieve the delicate balance of wife pleasing aesthetics with sound that seems much greater than the enclosure size would have you believe.

I was limited in options based upon aesthetics, and auditioned other brands slim solutions in the $2-3K price range, but they unfortunately sounded as flat as their profiles. With the closest KEF dealer 100 miles away, I purchased based solely on the reviews I could find, and prayed for the best. I am happy to say that I was not let down. The build quality is exceptional when compared to other offerings in this price range. The wall mounts are well constructed, and made mounting a breeze.

The sound is good at low volume, but they really seem to open up once the volume is increased, which is perfect for the home theater environment. I ended up adding two pair of KEF Ci160ER in-ceiling speakers for an Atmos 5.1.4 setup, They are tonally matched, and provide an incredibly immersive experience for a very reasonable price. (Posted on 2/9/2017)
Surprisingly powerful Review by Sid
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
This was my first home theater purchase so I will put NOT an audiophile disclaimer.

After a good amount of reading and strong recommendation from an audiophile friend, I zeroed in on this speaker set against my original desire of opting for the better marketed B brand.

Speakers were delivered promptly and I was surprised to find no cables inside( read disclaimer).

Anyways, buying these speakers was an awesome decision. Speakers were a breeze to set up along with Marantz 5010. They look stunning on the walls and with such a small form factor, they have managed to not make my living room look bulky or over crowded.

After the original set up, I switched them on and they sounded like ordinary speakers at first. It's when I started looking at some settings and increased the volume then I realized the beast I have unleashed. The speakers transformed my whole music and movie experience. Upto volume 60 there is no visible difference between TV speakers and these. Only when I increased the volume 60 onwards, they were truly able to deliver upto their capability. Most surprising part was the sub. For such a tiny box, it sure shaked my whole household.

Settings of the receiver are a must to explore. If you are not getting the sound you expect, play with settings.

Very pleased with purchase and highly recommend this speaker set. (Posted on 2/1/2017)


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T305 System

If you prefer more frontal ‘slam’ for movie special effects and a system that generally plays louder, the T305 system 4 of the T301 and 1 T301C speakers for the satellite and centre channel speakers.

For drama as well as music, even in larger loft-like spaces, it has the power to keep everyone in the room on the edge of their seat.
T301 / T301c  
Design Two and a half-way closed box
Drive units 2 x 115mm (4.5in.) dual layer MF
25mm (1in.) aluminium HF
Frequency response 80Hz - 30kHz
Crossover frequency 1.7kHz
Amplifier requirements 10 - 150 W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91dB (wall mount)
88dB (floor stand mount)
Maximum output (SPL) 110dB
Internal volume 1.4 Litres
Weight 1.5kg (3.3lbs)
(H x W x D)
600* x 140 x 35 mm
(23.6 x 5.5 x 1.4 in.)
(H x W x D)
centre mode
140 x 600 x 35 mm
(5.5 x 23.6 x 1.4 in.)
* Height of satellites will increase by 30mm when using supplied desk stand
Design Closed box powered subwoofer
Drive units 1 x 250mm (10in.)
Frequency response 30Hz - 250Hz
Amplifier 250 Watts built-in Class-D
Maximum output (SPL) 110dB
Low pass filter variable Fixed 250Hz, 2nd-order
Low level signal inputs RCA phono socket
Internal volume 12.7 Litres
Power requirements 100 - 240 V ac ~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption 250VA
Weight 13kg (28.6lbs)
(H x W x D)
380 x 370 x 177 mm
(15.0 x 14.6 x 7.0 in.)
Not all models / finishes are available in all markets.
Contact your local dealer for specific range details.
** KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE. **
T Series Overview

T205 review - Geekbeat

T Series Quick Technical Overview
Multichannel Speakers of the Year over $2000
Year: 2012
Magazine / Issuing Body: Sound + Image
Country: Australia
Product: T305
'Highly Recommended' Award
'…they are very consistent in their even handed presentation and have a remarkable dynamic capability. That makes them an easy listen, with movies or music, at all volume levels.’
Year: 2011
Magazine / Issuing Body: AV Forums
Country: United Kingdom
Product: T305
Le Choix de la Rédaction
Year: 2011
Country: France
Product: T305
Sélection Cinéma chez Soi
Year: 2011
Magazine / Issuing Body: CINEMA CHEZ SOI
Country: France
Product: T305
Red dot award: product design 2011
The T Series speakers have a depth of merely 35 mm, enclosing an ultra-slim high performance driver. Picking up the trend of TVs coming onto the market with increasingly slim designs, their svelte silhouette and elegant appearance result in a harmonious overall picture when placed next to a flat-screen TV whilst retaining high fidelity sound quality. Thanks to their technical features, the speakers produce a three-dimensional sound field that perfectly underlines the events on screen.
Year: 2011
Magazine / Issuing Body: Red dot
Country: Germany
Product: T305
Best Product in the 5.1 Loudspeaker System category for 2011-12
Year: 2011
Magazine / Issuing Body: EISA Award
Country: Euro
Product: T205
T Series Brochure
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T Series Manual
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T Series Technical Sheet
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T-2 Subwoofer Manual
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T Series Mounting Template
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