Recording Engineer Brad Leigh Talks About His 30 Years Behind the Glass

The Listening Room Podcast - Episode #2

Recording engineer Brad Leigh joins us to talk about his 30+ years working with the best in the music industry, his work on the groundbreaking 1987 Billy Joel USSR tour and where the music industry is headed. 


 In this episode:

  • • Upcoming KEF events for April 2016
  • • Is rock & roll dead?
  • • The process of engineering and mixing a record
  • • Working with Billy Joel in the studio
  • • What it's like to hear your work at Applebee's
  • • Touring in the Soviet Union in the 1980s
  • • The state of corporate rock





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  • Nayth
    Pinch me! Does 2-channel audio still exist? It's a shame that many young people today have never heard a high-end audio system and don't know what good music can really sound like. Must be my age.

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