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LS50 Wireless HiFi System

LS50 Wireless, is a complete and fully active music system. Sharing the same winning acoustic features of KEF’s renowned LS50, LS50 Wireless enables the user to easily enjoy excellent music reproduction, previously only achieved with a system comprised of separate high quality components. Created without compromising on any of LS50's award winning acoustic capabilities, LS50 Wireless adds audiophile-grade amplification and sound processing, as well as extensive connectivity.

• LS50 Wireless wins Knockout Award & Product of the year 2016 from Digital Audio Review. Click here to read the full review.

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LS50 Pedigree

All of the acoustic features and innovations that set the LS50 apart from every other speaker in its class remain. The FEA-designed cabinet with its constrained layer damping bracing and precision engineered curved baffle, the Uni-Q driver and the elliptical flexible port all work in concert to prevent cabinet vibration and resonances that produce unwanted sound coloration – putting you that much closer to how your favorite music was intended to sound.
KEF LS50 Wireless Uni-Q Driver
Uni-Q sound taken to the next levelUni-Q sound taken to the next level

To get the most out of your music, every note should arrive at your ears at exactly the right time. Before KEF perfected our Uni-Q technology, this perfect time alignment could only be experienced in a small 'sweet spot,' leaving listeners outside of the ‘sweet spot’ with a less than ideal listening experience. Uni-Q changed that, opening up the optimum listening space to practically every spot in your room. The LS50 Wireless employs an advanced time correcting DSP crossover which takes that awesome achievement to the next level by correcting for inherent time delays introduced in the crossover stage. Amazing sound dispersion matched only by a live music performance is now attainable in virtually every room. This incredible achievement cannot be reproduced by any other active speaker.
Crossover Timing Correction

Every note should hit your ears at exactly the right time. Previously, this perfect time alignment was only a theoretical ideal and perfectly accurate sound could only be experienced within a small 'sweet spot'. With LS50 Wireless’ advanced time correcting DSP crossover and the unique sound dispersion abilities of Uni-Q, accurate sound reproduction can be achieved in practically every location in any type of room. This is a feat that cannot be reproduced by any other active speaker.
KEF LS50 Wireless Crossover Timing Correction
Audiophile Grade System ConfigurationA complete fully active system

The LS50 Wireless features an end-to-end 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution digital signal path, a streaming pre-amplifier, and two separate DACs for each channel, for a total of four. Powered in the analogue stage by an incredibly fast and clean 230 Watts per channel in a bi-amp dual mono configuration, the LS50 Wireless is a complete, high-fidelity music system that will cost you far less than you’d spend putting together the separate components necessary to match the performance of the LS50 Wireless. LS50 Wireless gives you all of the connectivity options you’ll need to get the most out of your music, including 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 aptX, Asynchronous USB Type B, TOSLINK Optical, and RCA-type line-level analogue inputs. A dedicated LS50 Wireless app (available for iOS and Android) easily facilitates network setup, music streaming, playback and DSP control.

Ultimate Flexibility

An incredible listening experience is easy as plugging in. Simply connect both LS50 Wireless speakers to a power source and connect an audio source to enjoy high quality sound that music deserves. Adjust how the LS50 Wireless sounds using a selectable EQ tuned to compensate for different mounting scenarios, creating more options for placement and positioning. Regardless of placement, Uni-Q technology disperses sound evenly for total listening enjoyment. Use the touch sensitive control panel or the remote control to ensure complete control of LS50 Wireless from a different aspect. A dedicated iOS or Android app can allow detailed adjustment to optimise sound for different rooms.
Ultimate Flexibility

• In the box

- LS50 Wireless System (Right: Master speaker; Left: Slave speaker)
- 2m Power cord x 2
- 3m Cat-6 Inter-speaker cable x1
- 2m USB cable x1
- 1m LAN cable x1
- Matching Remote Control
- Quick Start Guide
- Safety and Warranty Card

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Customer Reviews

Great Sound, Bad User Experience Review by Eugene
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
Well, I am avoiding describing the audio quality as there will be plenty of audiophile reviews.

My biggest concern with these speakers is User Experience. While claiming that these speakers are Wireless, it seems KEF killed such an important feature as auto wake up if signal is coming into any of the inputs. This feature greatly worked in KEF X300A Wireless. You could just start streaming something with AirPlay or AUX and speakers would turn on and start playing. These are silent dead! Until you find a remote control to turn them on, or if you will make a round trip to the end of the room to press the ON button on top of the left speaker. Seriously?! And this is every other hour, as it seems speakers go sleep after an hour or so of not playing.

I am not sure if KEF is about to address this in some firmware update, as it seems they introduced this silly ON button on the speaker and on the remote control to remind you that you are still on the planet Earth and you must to suffer a bit while enjoying the heaven class audio quality.

P.S. One of the possible solutions would be at least turn on speakers if Volume Up/Down signal is sent from IR Remote. As you can program you Apple TV 4 Remote to control volume of these speakers at the moment. (Posted on 1/19/2017)


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Model LS50 Wireless System
Drive Units Uni-Q driver array:
HF: 25mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome
LF/MF: 130mm (5.25in.) magnesium/aluminium alloy
Frequency Range (-6dB) Measured at 85dB/1m
40Hz – 47kHz (More bass extension)
43Hz – 47kHz (Standard)
46Hz – 47kHz (Less bass extension)
Depending on speaker settings
Frequency Response (±3dB) Measured at 85dB/1m
45Hz – 28kHz (More bass extension)
50Hz – 28kHz (Standard)
61Hz – 28kHz (Less bass extension)
Depending on speaker settings
Max Peak SPL 106dB
Inputs 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi network
Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® codec
USB Type B
RCA Analog Line Level Input
10/100 Mbps RJ45 Ethernet (For network and service)
Output Subwoofer output
Amplifier Output Power
LF: 200W | HF: 30W (Per Speaker)
Bluetooth Range 10m
Bluetooth Memory 8 devices
Resolution Up to 24bit Depending on source resolution
Sampling Rate Up to 192kHz (USB Type B)
Up to 96kHz (TOSLINK Optical)
Depending on source resolution
Wi-Fi Network Standard IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
Wi-Fi Network Frequency Band Dual-band 2.4GHz/ 5 GHz
Power Input 100 – 240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D) 300 x 200 x 308mm(11.8 x 7.9 x 12.1in.)
Weight Left Speaker 10.0kg (22.0lbs.) Right Speaker 10.2kg (22.5lbs.)
Weight Left Speaker 10.0kg (22.0lbs.) Right Speaker 10.2kg (22.5lbs.)
Unit Measurment Pair
** KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE. **
KEF LS50 WIRELESS HIFI SPEAKERS Knock Out Award & Product of the Year award 2016
 "Something for audiophiles, something for mainstreamers – after all, it’s in the LS50 Wireless’ DNA. As a straddler of worlds, the KEFs walk away not only with a Knockout Award but also DAR’s Product of the Year award for 2016. If this product doesn’t convince audiophiles of the legitimacy of active loudspeakers, nothing will."
Year: 2016
Magazine / Issuing Body:
Country: Germany
Product: KEF LS50 Wireless System
Read full review.

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