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M100 In-Ear Headphones

One the second day of Christmas KEF brings to you M100 In-Ear Headphones for only $49.99!

The M100 Hi-Fi Earbuds are supremely comfortable & lightweight earbuds offering KEF design innovation and precision audio engineering. The result is astonishing true high resolution sound on the move.

Designed in collaboration with KEF engineering and Studio F-A-Porsche Design.

Offer available December 11th through December 31st. While supplies last!

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High resolution sound

KEF’s obsessive pursuit of ever-higher sonic resolution has led to the development of innovative new technologies that allow M100s to deliver a noticeably fuller, crisper and more accurate sound, with each vocal and instrument clearly differentiated. As a result, the listening
experience is more detailed and compelling, as it would be listening live. Clarity is simply outstanding.

The compact earpiece features a sophisticated full-range 10mm neodymium driver with excellent dynamics. The sound passes through a unique angled acoustic chamber whose shape, size and thickness are engineered to minimise disruption, along with a carefully tuned driver baffle to channel the sound into the ear. Distortion is minimal, thanks partly to an integral low resonance suspension ring of high density foam. This manages the airflow behind the driver in such a way as to increase excursion while also reducing secondary harmonics which would otherwise muddy the sound.

Precision design

A masterpiece of KEF’s innovative acoustic engineering in miniature, M100s share the same design integrity and build quality as the rest of the M Series range. The aluminium 'race-track' casing is precision machined with diamond-cut chamfered edges, and the internal components are exhaustively tested for consistently accurate response. Nothing is overlooked, right down to the environment friendly new benzene-free production process - another KEF ‘first’. There are four cool colour finishes to choose from: Racing Blue, Sunset Orange, Champagne White and Titanium Grey.

Total comfort and compatibility

The ergonomics are excellent, the shell being optimally angled for a snug, comfortable fit without compromising acoustic performance, and ultra-thin silicon eartips that you hardly notice you’re wearing. Compatible with all Apple products and most other mobile devices, and complying with the CENELEC standard for protection against excessive sound pressure, M100s give you the pleasures of true high resolution sound on the move for as long as you wish.

In the box

• M100 Hi-Fi Earphones with inline mic and volume control
• Eartips (small, medium and large)
• In-flight adaptor
• Carrying pouch

Compatibility with Apple product

• Click here to learn more about the KEF M100 In-Ear Headphones at

Customer Reviews

They are KEF, no other reason needed Review by Mike
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
In choosing 5 Christmas gifts (one for me) sticking to getting for others what I would get for myself and wanting quality but paying attention to my Christmas budget I chose the M-100's. (Posted on 1/6/2018)
A solid choice for good quality sound at moderate price...that is the $99, not the $149 price Review by Jim S
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
I would recommend these at the $99 price point. Sound is very good as is quality of the ear buds themselves. Two issues, one potential the other actual. Potential issue: the wires to the ear buds are very thin and one hopes not as delicate as they look. If they do not break within the next year I will come back and revise this review to that effect. Actual issue: this is the first set of ear buds I have owned where the fit just does not seem right. All other ear buds I have owned I have needed to use the medium or large rubber ear tips. With these, I use the small ones and even still they are not secure. Every few minutes, if I move at all (walk, work out at gym, etc.) I need to push them back into place and adjust their angle to where the fit is snug. (Posted on 7/17/2017)
M 100 Review by the Doc
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
I Love the fact I have the choices of ear piece sizers. Bravo, an ear piece that stays put. The pouch is convenient and keeps major tangles less of a problem. The sound is crisp and clean tho presence is a little weak. I have phenomenal hearing for my age and I have to squeeze the smart phone volume close to max to get much of the sound out without pounding decibels into the inner workings of the ears. The ear buds themselves have a little heft so you know they are there and not easily falling out like cheap stuff does. I m not a BIG ear bud fan since I am an audiophile and only do i use them for personal listening. For an hundred bucks, they are a reasonable value. I have owned KEF speakers for 30 yrs. Those Old KEF reference and the first UniQ's still pack a wallop of clean sound. Maybe I was expecting that with the ear buds! (Posted on 1/12/2017)
M 100 Ear Headphones Review by Mustafa
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
My take on the M 100 ear headphones Well I got these since I purchased a pair of KEF LS 50 for my Dad who retired his 15 years old Energy C-8's and KEF had promotion I took advantage of the promotion. Build Quality is very good except that the wires at connection ends seem to be pretty "fragile" if one accidentally pulls them they just might come loose or break. The Sound quality I would give it a 4 star rating the ear buds fit very well and do seal outside sound for most part . One does need to break these in by playing them for a couple of days . Also I must say that having bought 3 different products from KEF Direct in less than 3 months I found the company to be very responsive to any questions or issues I have had, specially Anthony in tech support and Dan in Internet sales ! they are very prompt in calling back . (Posted on 12/22/2015)


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10 mm

Frequency Response



97 dB±4dB (IEC-60711 at 1KHz)


16±15% Ohm

Maximum Input Power


Noise Attenuation 


Cable length

1.3 m


3.5 mm



** KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE. **
KEF M100 Racing Blue Red Dot Award 2015 Winner
Year: 2015
Magazine / Issuing Body: Reddot
Country: Germany
Product: M100 In-Ear Headphones
KEF M100 Red Dot Award Winner
KEF M100 Racing Blue Review
"As for the sound, as we’ve come to expect from KEF, these headphones impress, offering a balanced exploration throughout the frequency spectrum, including firm and full bass, a smooth and detailed midrange, and some pleasant sparkle up top..."
Year: 2015
Magazine / Issuing Body: Digital Trends
Country: United States
Product: M100 In-Ear Headphones
Read full review.

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