The Standing Wave: One Reason Why the Bass In Your Room Sounds So Thin

You may have heard that you need two subwoofers to get the most out of your home theater system. You probably passed that bit of advice off as the ploy of an overzealous salesperson attempting to make you part with even more money as you build your dream audio/home theater system. However, there's some serious science behind the claim: Adding a second subwoofer might just solve the most maddening problem faced by home theater owners: uneven and spotty bass response.

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LS50s Take On the Mastering Studio

The mastering engineer is a specialist with finely tuned ears who can hear things most of us mere audio-mortals can’t. But without the work of the mastering engineer, things like volume and equalization wouldn’t be consistent, and problems with the final mix and production would greatly diminish the listening experience for all of us.

On May 23rd I had the pleasure, as part of KEF’s partnership with professionals in the audio production field, to listen to a pair of LS50’s in a mastering studio in New York City run by a multi-Grammy® Award winning mastering engineer. We’ll talk more about him and his studio another time, but I was too blown away by how the LS50’s held their own yesterday to wait!

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