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C4 Subwoofer

Unobtrusive, handsome and powerful, the C4 subwoofer delivers incredible bass while maintaining control throughout its range.

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Unassuming in size, yet remarkably potent, KEF’s C4 subwoofer speaker produces incredible bass response at a reasonable price. The 200W on-board amplifier provides plenty of power to the 8” front-firing bass cone, while virtually eliminating distortion during playback — even at the highest volume levels. All told, the C4’s cutting-edge engineering and design elements add formidable weight to your audio. mm (8in) front-firing bass cone, the C4 is engineered to minimise distortion as meticulously as the rest of the range and adds effortless depth and weight to any performance.

Since 1961, KEF has upheld the highest standards in audiophile quality. Every element of our hi-fi speakers is crafted for peak listening enjoyment and total clarity, including our home audio subwoofer range. When it comes to hi-fi sound, tonal balance is critical. The C Series has been engineered to the same caliber, with bass power that doesn’t exaggerate the frequency spectrum. When the C4 subwoofer speaker is used in tandem with KEF’s loudspeakers to create a home listening system, you’ll hear the full sound image in extraordinary detail.

High Fidelity, Low Price Point

With stunningly accurate bass reproduction at an affordable price, the C4 has been tailored to fit KEF’s lineage. We create speakers with the goal of achieving sonic realism and clarity, and this home audio subwoofer is no different. It’s true of the entire C Series — typically, this level of quality would only be found in a far more expensive speaker.

Customer Reviews

Punchy Bass Review by Nawid
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
I love this sub, it produces clear bass than my svc. Small form factor is good. (Posted on 2/14/2017)
The C4 that Could - Part 2 Review by JJC
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
Feel the same as C4 review by ArmSC - this C4 puts out a lot of clean bass for a smaller 8" sub. I have mine in a larger room and it easily fills the room with tight and controlled bass at about 40% volume. Also very impressed. I have it paired with the KEF FiveTwo Series 7 speakers and they're an excellent match together. For my main family room system, I have a SVS PB-2000 sub with a 12" inch driver and 500 watt amp, which is an awesome and deep hitting sub, but still impressed with the output of the C4 in comparison and how it blends seamlessly with my FiveTwo speakers. Definitely recommend and KEF speakers in general! (Posted on 1/17/2017)
The Little KEF that could Review by ArmSC
Build Quality
Sound Quality
Would you recommend?
Got this sub a few months ago when I got a 5.1 set from KEF. I already had a sub that I was happy with so I didn't know how much if at all the C4 would get used. However, once I had the other speakers setup I decided to check this guy out. I put the C4 ontop of my other subs and plugged in the LFE in the back.

With the gain on half I was simply blow away at the volume this little 8" sub was putting out. The bass is tight and controlled but still room filling. The low end extension is also very impressive. Will this power down to below 20Hz it wont. It's an 8" driver but it will dig down for almost everything in a movie track. I have since retired my old sub and kept this one as my main sub.

Don't let the size of the C4 fool you it's a real deal sub. I love the fact that I can get this much sound out of such a small package. I think that is where it shines. Being able to fit into a room and not be the centerpiece of the space but still deliver good quality bass. (Posted on 4/1/2016)


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Model C4
Design Powered bass reflex
Drive Units 1 x 200mm (8in.) LF
Frequency Response
29Hz - 140Hz
Maximum Output 108dB
Magnetic Shielding Yes
Amplifier 200W built-in Class-D
Low level signal inputs RCA phono sockets
Weight 12.2kg (27lbs)
(H x W x D)
345 x 320 x 377 mm (13.6 x 12.6 x 14.9 in.)
** KEF reserves the right, in line with continuing research and development, to amend or change specifications. E&OE. **
Sélection « 4 stars »
Year: 2009
Magazine / Issuing Body: La Revue du Son
Country: France
Product: C Series

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