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R300 Bookshelf Speaker Pair

Regular Price: $1,799.99

Special Price: $1,299.99

KEF Muo Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Regular Price: $349.99

Special Price: $199.99

Q50a Dolby Atmos Module
R600c Center Channel Speaker

Regular Price: $1,499.99

Special Price: $1,199.99

R200c Center Channel Speaker

Regular Price: $999.99

Special Price: $699.99

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Beautifully built, beautiful to look at, and even better to hear, this is a fantastic set of speakers.
My recorded music now plays with a clarity I have never heard before. Thank you KEF!
testimonials Review by, Stan
The KEF R900's achieve a balance and refinement I have yet to experience in a speaker in this price range.
The speakers create a complex, holographic sound-stage with crystal clear separation and depth....
testimonials Review by, Chris72174
This is the best Bluetooth speaker I have ever owned! The speaker is super stylish and gorgeous
made of the highest quality materials. The sound is very natural and produces very clear, clean and crisp vocals.
testimonials Review by, TL
I never heard of KEF before but a local dealer of mine recommended this system after I inquired
about on-wall speakers. I live in a nice sized condo but my living room cant accommodate more stuff on the floor...
T205 - insanity. WOW. The sound coming from these is insane. Clear, crisp, great bass from the subwoofer, easy to set up.
testimonials Review by,MortinS

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